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What You Don't Know About The Law Can Harm You.

The amount that Australians pay each year to get legal advice is astounding. The amazing thing is, many of these valuable dollars could have been saved with a little research, some intelligent thinking and a little preparation.

With important topics like wills, preventing disputes, breach of contract and more can you afford to not know enough about your rights and obligations?

Why does Lawyers Compared exist?

Lawyers Compared is here to demystify as much of the legal industry as we can. While we aren't lawyers ourselves nor do we offer legal advice, we have however done quite a bit of research to assist you better understand how to ask smarter questions of your lawyer, how to minimise the time you spend with your lawyer and help you give a better understanding of your legal area of concern.

There is a lot of conjecture about certain parts of the industry, whether it be contact law, property law or estate planning. Everyone wants to know if there is a magic bullet to help them get what they want.

Please remember that all the articles here are only the opinion of the writers here at Lawyers Compared and do not represent any kind of legal advice.

Here's a breakdown of the sections of Lawyers Compared

Lawyers Explained

This has in-depth information about many of the types of lawyers and the services they offer. They are grouped together by category so you can easily find them. Each type has typical services which they cover, how to differentiate between the good and the bad and smart questions to ask this type of lawyer.

Lawyers Explained Sections:

Legal Hints and Tips

This deals with many of the common problems Australians face under the law. These are over in the right hand menu or alternatively you can view all the legal articles written here at Lawyers Compared.

Law Firms

This is basically a directory of some of the top law firms in Australia. If you'd like to add, remove or edit a company listing in a directory please submit the details here.

Another directory where you can find around 15000 lawyers organised by specialty is

If you have any questions on the legal industry that are not answered here please send them to us and we'll try our hardest to get the answers up in an article for you right here at Lawyers Compared.

Legal Articles

Read our articles and better equip yourself with a knowledge of the law

Law Firm Directory

Find insurance professionals in our comprehensive list of directories.